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Big Bag Filling Machine

Jumbo Bag Filling Machine

Brief introduction : Jumbo Bag Filling Machine Weighing range:500-2000kg Capacity:8-20bags/hour Application:powder,pellet,mixture
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jumbo bag filling machine,jumbo bag filling system,big bag filling machine


This machine is special for 500kg level quantitative packing function field. It can support up to 1000kg per bag of coal pellets. We also have 500-2000kg/bag for option. All of our machines are made to order.jumbo bag filling machine,jumbo bag filling system,big bag filling machine.

Main Structures:

Automaticweighting and filling system
Big bag clipper
Electric control cabinet
We can add option device according to customer’srequirement, such as bag inflatable device, bag Vibration device, forklift picking device, etc.

Flowing Processes:

Bag manually placing---Automatic filling ----Automatic weighing ---Automatic material filling---automatic bag releasing

Technical Parameters:

Precision:               ±0.1%FS
Weighing range(kg): 500~2000 ( can be adjusted freely)
Power Supply:           220-380Va.c 50/60
Power Dissipation :       6.5 kw
Compressed Air :         0.4~6 Mpa
Compressed Air Consume:  0.5 m³/h

Main Configuration List:

Material Level      :OMRON (Japan)
Instruments         :M.(Canada-China)
Sensors            :OMISEO (USA)
Pneumaticelements  : Airtac (Taiwan)
Motor             :WanNan(China)
Import Bearing       :NSK (Japan)
Electric Component   :Chint(China)

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