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jumbo bag unloading station

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 Ton bags inverted bag station  is used for unpacking and unloading work of bulk bags( ton bags) powder granular materials (tons of bag weight: 0.3 tons -2 tons).

    Big bag discharge station are also known as big bag unloader, bulk bag emptier, FIBC discharger, FIBC unloader, FIBC emptier, super sack discharger, container bag unloader, container bag discharger, super sack unloader and super sack emptier.     


    Always used in chemical industry, plastics, rubber, pharmaceutical, food and other industries of powder and granular material in the ton bag unpacking discharging operation, such as a large bag (ton bag) plastic resin, carbon black powder and granular materials and food additives and other dry powder and granular materials unpacking and discharging.

Working principle

-  by forklift or electric hoist to enhance the ton bags to the equipment feed port;

-  manually or automatically open the discharging mouth of ton bags;

-  open the flow valve and supplemented by vibration device to promote powder or granular material(in the ton bags) to rely on gravity fall into the hopper to complete unpacking discharging work. 



 Technical parameters

Model JBS-XL1000-H
Unloading Speed 10-20 bag/h
Air consumption


Electric Chain Block Speed


Frame Material Carbon steel, 304,304L / 316L stainless steel
Power & Output

3 phase 380V 50Hz,2.0KW

Total weight    


Machine Dimension



1. Accommodate Your needs.

  • Flexible modular design makes this discharger most suitable for a wide range of applications to best accommodate your needs.

2. Cost efficiency:

  • Dustless operation helps you to save extra cleaning cost. Incorporated dust collector to help you save cost on a separate dust-collection-device.

3. Space Efficiency:

  • Understanding the requirement of your project on envirnment and space, our professional R & D team will design the most appropriate system to suit you needs. 

4. Optional Component:

  • Flow-control valve >Dust collector >Exit conveyor>Dumper>Store hopper>Weighing system


    Depending on the nature of the different material, it may choose to the beat device to promote the ton bags of powder material falling or using of "massage" soft sacks (ton bags) way to promote the fall of its material broken arch nesting device.


Typical Case

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