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powder filler,Powder Packing Machine,powder filling machine

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Powder filler,powder packing machine for open mouth bags with high performance digital electronic weighing and dosing system by screw feeder for large and fine flow.

After the bag has been applied manually to the filling spout the filling process is started by a push-button. The filled bag is manually taken off the spout and transferred to the chosen closing station, e. g. sewing machine.

Bag Materials】: laminated poly woven bag, kraft paper bag, pp woven bag, pe bag

【Solutions for】: Powder and small grain products such as flour, premixes, ground minerals, detergents, salt,etc.


1. Affordable and reliable solution

2. Compact machine structure requires little floor space

3. Quick external adjustments for different bag widths and lengths

4. Clean bag filling due to well sealed filling spout and dust-collector access

5. High weight accuracy due to the use of the advanced weighing controller

6. Powder filler,powder packing machine cost saving due to low operation and maintenance costs

7. Easy handling due to clear operator guidance, easy cleaning and maintenance

8. Combined with different bag sealing machines according to your bag sealing requirement, such as heat sealing machine, sewing machine,etc.

Technical Parameters 

Typical Case

powder packing machine,powder packaging machine,powder pouch packing machine,powder bagging machine,M&J machinery powder packing machine,powder packaging machine,powder pouch packing machine,powder bagging machine,M&J machinery

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