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Vibrating Sieve

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The TQLE series vibration sieve sieves materials through the radial and ejection vibrations of the sieve body. It is mainly used for the initial cleaning and cleaning of various types of grains, oils and rice, and is also suitable for raw materials in the warehousing, food, feed and chemical industries. Clean up and clean up.
According to the necessary cleaning materials and cleaning requirements, different specifications of sieve plate can be selected.
The equipment is mainly composed of the following parts: feed system, sieve body, frame, drive system, discharge device, vertical suction duct(selection) and so on. After passing through the feed system, the material is evenly distributed into the sieve body. The sieve body consists of two sieve surfaces. The material enters the lower sieve surface through the sieve hole of the upper sieve surface. The large miscellaneous material is discharged from the sieve outlet, and the fine particles and miscellaneous pass through. The lower sieve surface is discharged from another exit. The material of the lower sieve surface is discharged from the sieve tail and will be light and dusty when passing through the vertical suction duct.

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