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Bag palletizer, Bag palletizing machine

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     M·J high level palletizing machine is a high-speed full-automatic palletizing machinery for special purposes. 
     It is a palletizing line of automatic packaging which include Hybrid palletizer for bags, Palletizer machines ,Bag palletizers ,feed palletizer machine,full-automatic bagging,automatic weighing,automatic edge folding and sealing,weight checking,overproof elimination engine,automatic mechanism for sorting out bags,packing bags,placing bags in order and organizing bags in group,elevating and subsiding structure,etc..
    High level palletizing machine delivers the bags to a certain height,it will displace the bags,then marshalling,pushing bags,layering and stacking according to predetermined mode,and at last,stacking and outputing.

Technical Parameters

Differentiations between manual stacking, M&J robot pelletizer and high level palletizer


manual stacking

Palletizer robot

M&J High level palletizer


<300 bags/h

800-1200 bags/h

400-500 bags/h

outlook appearance

hard to guarantee beauty, and often collapses.




Bags and boxes

Bags and boxes,cannot be installed in Plateau area

Bags,can be installed in Plateau area

using life


5-8 years

15 years or more


Advantages & disadvantages

Slow  speed, poor ability, workers minimum annual salary should be ensured even if  no producing, as well as various benefits, labor insurance supplies, working injury etc.

 operation is simple and flexible, strong and durable, but the occupancy area is larger, and it can be connected to two production lines at the same time. The cost is slightly higher.

Simple structure, convenient operation, lower failure rate, smaller area, lower post-maintenance costs, suitable for small- medium enterprises, in principle, one stacker meet one production line.but if output of  two lines is particularly low and less than 20 T/H, Can share a stacker but can not simultaneously palletizing, we call it parallel line. Easy installation and adjustment,  two to three days will be enough.


Workers 'wages

450-850 thousand

120-160 thousand

maintenance costs

80-150 thousand/year

10-20 thousand/year

1 thousand/year


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