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Animal Feed Packing solutions

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Animal Feed Packing solutions

This is a complete solutions of our M&J feed bagging and packaging machines (granular, pelleted or powdered products). No matter the scope of your project, M&J feed packaging machine can manage small- and large-scale productions.For example applicable for packing fish meal and shrimp feed, pet food, chicken feed, dog food and cat food.


If for high-speed production, we suggest solution with double weighing unit open-mouth bagger,robotic palletizer and a stretch wrapper. For granular or pelleted feeds, M&J provide bucket elevator,net weight scale, gross weight scale, palletizer,stretch wrapper,dust collector.For powder feeds,we suggest auger bagging machine,screw conveyor,palletizer,stretch wrapper,dust collector.We also have bulk bag filler,form fill seal packer,belt packing machine compeletely automatic packing machine for reference.Feed bagging and packaging machines from M&J are accurate, fast and reliable.


This list of equipment that can be used in feed bagging and packaging. For more information, just click on any product which interested in.



open mouth bagging machine


bulk bag filler


bag closing and sealing machine


robotic palletizer




dust collector


screw conveyor


bucket elevator