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Feeding mode and industry application of Jumbo bag packing machine

Source : Unknown| Release Time : 2020-11-10| Hits : Loading ...

Jumbo bag packing machine is also called Jumbo bag packing machine or large bag packing scale. It is an automatic packaging machine with 500kg-2000kg each time. According to the specific gravity and characteristics of materials, the weight of each packaging is also different. Generally, it will not be less than 500kg.

According to the different material properties, the feeding mode of the Jumbo bag packing machine is also different: for the material with good fluidity, the gravity feeding mode is adopted, which can automatically flow into the Jumbo bag through the weight of the material itself; the spiral feeding mode is generally used for powder materials, and the advantages of screw feeding are to prevent the material from flushing and make the materials enter the packaging bag evenly; the belt feeding mode is generally used for mixed materials; the feeding mode for the mixed materials is generally used for the belt feeding; Generally, vibration feeding is used for materials easy to bond.

According to the different position of the load cell, the automatic ton bale scale can be divided into two types: upper weighing mode and lower weighing mode. Generally, the T-Bag packer is equipped with a conveyor to transport the qualified packaging bags out through the conveyor, so that the bags can be removed by crane and forklift. Advantages and development trend of T-Bag packaging machine: more and more finished materials are packed in large bags, which can save packaging costs and reduce packaging and handling costs; large packaging bags are gradually promoted in industrial applications, and small bags are mainly used in civil use. Small bag packaging will be gradually replaced by large bag packaging.

Jumbo bag packing machine is widely used in the quantitative canning and quantitative packaging of granular materials and powder materials in electric power, coal, petrochemical, chemical industry, fertilizer, grain, feed, cement, metallurgy, environmental protection, building materials, medicine, port, bioengineering and other industries.

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