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Wuxi Maijie teaches you the choice of powder packaging machine

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No matter chemical industry, medicine or food, production can't do without powder packaging machine. Nowadays, in this cruel competitive economic society, some people who buy packaging machine don't know what the concept of machine is. Although every other line is like every other mountain, Wuxi Majie is a packaging machine manufacturer. They put forward some suggestions on how to buy powder packaging machine, hoping to help more people.


First, you should decide which products you will buy for powder packaging machine. Because there are many kinds of packaging machines, only to find a suitable product packaging machine can play the role of the machine. Many people want a device to pack a lot of varieties when they buy a packaging machine. In fact, the packaging effect of a special machine is better than that of a compatible machine. Therefore, the variety of a packaging machine should not exceed three to five varieties as much as possible, and the products with large shape differences should be packed separately as much as possible.


Second, high cost performance is the first principle. At present, the quality of domestic packaging machines has been greatly improved. For example, fertilizer packaging machines have more exports than imports, so the quality of imported machines can be purchased at the price of domestic machines. After so many years of accumulation and development, our packaging machine industry can actually meet the needs of most domestic users

Food industry

Third, try to choose powder packaging machine manufacturers with brand history, with guaranteed quality in all aspects, mature and stable technology, fast packaging speed and low energy consumption.


Fourth, in the field investigation, we should pay attention to the important aspects, but also to the small details. Often, a detail determines the quality of the whole machine, and we should take good care of the product to be packaged for trial operation. First, we can see the stability of the machine, second, we can find small problems, and we can communicate with the manufacturer to solve the problems in time.


Fifthly, in terms of after-sales service, "in the circle" should have a good reputation, timely after-sales service, fast processing speed, many products only have a few months of production period each year, if there is a problem in the production of the packaging machine that can not be solved immediately, the loss can be imagined, so it is more important to choose the good after-sales, the packaging machine recognized by the peers can be given priority, and the best choice of operation can be made Simple maintenance, complete accessories, fully automatic continuous feeding mechanism, which can improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs, suitable for the long-term development of enterprises.

Wuxi Majie Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is an enterprise with the qualification of measurement license issued by the State Bureau of technical supervision for 15 years. It is a new scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and manufacturing of metering packaging equipment, with the qualification of self import and export right and the ability to independently design metering packaging production line.


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