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What types of washing detergents are there?

Biological washing powder These contain an optical brightener to stop clothes going grey and, with the exception of powders designed for coloured laundry, they include a bleaching agent to tackle both everyday and more stubborn stains. On the downside, a spill can see washing powder granules end up everywhere, and it can even clog up your deterrent drawer. A regular maintenance wash at 60 degrees can help solve the latter problem.

Non-biological washing powder Bio detergents contain enzymes that are good at tackling stains even at low temperatures and on quick wash cycles, but non-bio detergents do not. But since the latter are gentler on the skin and don’t contain any fragrance, non-bio detergents are far better suited to babies and those with sensitive skin.

Liquids and gels These are more expensive than a traditional box of washing powder, but they won’t get stuck in the detergent drawer. They work well at keeping colours vibrant, but they don’t contain bleach, so aren’t the best for stains. They’re great for everyday washing of items with low-level dirt, if you’re prepared to pay the higher price tag. Using them at low temperatures can cause a build-up of mould in the machine, but a regular maintenance wash at 60 degrees can help.

Liquid capsules These capsules are the newest kid on the block, and although they’re the most expensive out of all the options here, they’re also the lowest maintenance – you don’t have to take a guess over how much to use; simply use one capsule per wash. Note that liquid capsules are better for higher temperature washes since they don’t always dissolve at lower ones.

How much do I need to spend?

Some supermarket own-brand detergents come in at just 10p a wash, while products from the big brands can cost upwards from 40p per wash. But as you’ll see from our roundup, paying for the more expensive detergent doesn’t necessarily guarantee better results. In fact, some of the pricier brands didn’t even make it into our list. Also, be sure to shop around for special offers.

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