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8 Vacuum Packaging Benefits

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1. Increased Shelf Life - Studies have shown that vacuum packaging can increase product shelf life from 50%-400%. 

2. Reduced Product Loss - Increased shelf life directly effects the reduction in product loss for companies inventorying products. The reduced product loss helps to increase bottom lines.

3. Sealed Barrier From External Elements . With the proper seal, vacuum packaging can protect products from dust, moisture, insects, and a variety of other external elements that may harm or damage products. 
4. Seals in Flavors - Wet aging meats is a popular form of curing meat before preparing it. This often uses natural juices from the meat with spices and flavors vacuum sealed to lock in flavors during the curing process. 
5. No Chemical Preservatives Required - Vacuum packaging eliminates the need for chemical preservatives. With the right mixture of oxygen to inert gas, products can last longer without the use of commonly used preservatives. The earth's atmosphere is made up of 78% nitrogen which is the most commonly used inert gas for vacuum packaging.

6. Improved Product Presentation - Most vacuum bags are crystal clear allowing products within the packaging to be displayed on shelves. 
7. Multiple Packaging Options  - Vacuum sealing materials come with multiple packaging options. Users can buy rolls of film or bags to seal products. Bags can be found with reclosable zippers, easy open tear notches, foil lined, channeled, and with a variety of other options to choose from.

8. Quick and Efficient Packaging - With the proper machines and materials, vacuum sealing can be a very efficient process enabling hundreds or thousands of products to be sealed per hour.

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