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Cement packing plant process and Uzbekistan sign cement production line project

Source : www.baggingmachines.net|Release Time : 2018-11-08| Hits : Loading ...

On October 19, at the "2018 China Central International Capacity Cooperation Forum and Enterprise Matchmaking Symposium", Chinese cement companies signed a cooperation agreement with Uzbekistan's Gizak State Government to invest 300 million U.S. dollars in Uzbekistan. State building cement packer machine. The project will be constructed in two phases, of which 1.3 million tons will be started in December this year. It is expected to be fired by the end of next year and put into production by 2020. “After going out, we found a broader market. This is another new start after cement invested in cement projects in Tajikistan, Cambodia, etc.. Investment in building a family, successfully operating one, let the cement bagging plant go out. Accelerate. In addition to investment in Tajikistan, Cambodia, Nepal, etc., the cement bag packing machine is actively planning in Africa, South Asia, Central Asia, South America, etc. It is planned to implement 8 to 10 overseas projects in the next three years or Prepare for construction.

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