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The great harm of starch explosion -- matters needing attention in starch production!

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The harm caused by dust is huge, don't underestimate this fine dust, if do not pay attention to its destructive power is more serious than machine equipment. While paying attention to product quality, we also pay more attention to user safety. Starch is an essential product in life, which is convenient to use, but there are many matters needing attention in the production process. So for the production of starch packaging, we have a special supporting machinery - starch packaging machine.

Starch explosion is caused by high pressure due to the burning of combustible dust suspended in the air. Starch is a tiny particle of solid matter, which has a much larger surface area than a mass of the same weight and is therefore prone to ignition. If it is suspended in the air and reaches a certain concentration, an explosive mixture is formed.

At present, the dust of seven kinds of materials is known to be explosive: metal (such as magnesium powder and aluminum powder); Coal; Grain (wheat, starch); Feed (e.g. blood meal, fish meal); Agricultural and sideline products (such as cotton and tobacco); Forest products (e.g. paper powder, wood powder); Synthetic materials (e.g. plastics, dyes).

The fire and explosion accidents of dust mainly occur in coal mine, flour plant, sugar plant, textile plant, sulfur plant, feed plant, plastics, metal processing plant and grain depot, which are related to the conditions required for dust explosion. Dust explosion itself is a kind of special combustion phenomenon, which also needs three conditions: combustible, combustible and ignition source.

The research results at home and abroad show that there are three kinds of conditions that are prone to dust explosion :(1) combustible dust is suspended in the air at an appropriate concentration to form the commonly known dust cloud; (2) sufficient air and oxidants; (3) there is fire or strong vibration and friction. It is generally believed that explosive dust, as long as conditions (1) and (2) are met, means that there is a possibility of accidents.

It should be noted that the dust explosion is also likely to have a more destructive secondary explosion. When dust is suspended in an oxygen environment that contains enough oxygen to sustain combustion and has a proper ignition source, an initial explosion may occur and cause disturbance in the surrounding environment, which will disperse the dust deposited on the ground and equipment to form a dust cloud, forming a catastrophic second explosion in case of fire. In addition, after the first explosion, as the air expands with heat and becomes less dense, the reverse flow of the explosive point (commonly known as the "return wind") rapidly forms after the first explosion, the second explosion will occur in the case of dust clouds and thermal energy.

Therefore, the production of packaging starch should be more professional equipment -corn starch packaging machine.

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