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Application range and characteristics of impulse dust collector

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A novel high efficiency pulsed dust collector. It has the advantages of large air volume, high purification efficiency, small floor space, small filter bag wear, long service life, simple replacement of filter bag, and convenient maintenance. Countercurrent counter blowing dust removal by using pulse type, its electric control USES sequence controller, reliable performance and can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, non-ferrous foundry, mining, cement, asphalt concrete industry, electric power, carbon black, food processing and other industrial and mining enterprises under normal temperature, high temperature dust gas purification recycling of new equipment, pulsed dust collector in recent years has been applied to a large number of promotion our country , municipalities, and replace the imported, deeply user welcome.


1, industrial  pulsed dust collector adopts the pulse counter blowing ash removal method, is a good one, the current our country effect on the device body divided into 18 without feeling little room, with a long's tube are interlinked, purpose of ash removal by programmable pulse, structurally cancelled the spray torch and xiaowen's tube at the top of the filter bag, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

2. Compared with other domestic dust remover, this equipment has the characteristics of large air volume and small system resistance, and wide application range. (purification and recovery treatment of mixed gas at room temperature and high temperature with dust concentration < 60g/m3)

3. The edge of the flower plate separating the upper middle box body is pressed into a certain cone hole to form a smooth contact with the filter bag. The sealing is good and the wear between the hole edge and the filter bag is reduced.

4.  pulsed dust collector Simple and reasonable structure, small floor space, indoor and outdoor installation. Users can choose their own model or combine in parallel according to their production process and air volume, and provide carbon steel or stainless steel dust remover as required.

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