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Working principle of dry mortar processing

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A pair of relative rotation of the spindle drive the blades rotating, the material level, according to the Angle into the space particle flow layer to instant weightlessness in space, the centrifugal force and gravity offset (weightlessness material density difference influence on the mixing uniformity without), mixed with each other in the region, in the middle level form a fluidized floating zone, the spindle rotating vortices around. A material translation flow layer is formed at the bottom. Under the dual drive of radial force and axial force, the material presents a three-dimensional compound movement, thus forming a comprehensive compound cycle and quickly achieving the goal of uniform mixing.

The main equipment of dry powder mortar production line is divided into six parts: control system, mixing system, drying system, weighing system, packaging system and dust removal system. Dry powder mortar is mainly composed of cement, dry sand, fly ash, thickening agent and other raw materials. These powder granules are stored in storage tanks for production. The wet sand is first sent to the sieving machine through a conveyor for sieving, and then dried by the transmission belt to the drying line in the three-way drying machine.

The finished products that have been mixed in the mixing machine of dry powder and mortar production line will be opened quickly through pneumatic and put into the finished material bin for buffering and storage. The finished goods warehouse and packaging machine through soft connection into the packaging machine measurement, packaging. Users with a particularly large output can add belt conveyors at the back of the packaging machine to transport the finished product directly to the finished product area or truck.

Traditional production, whether from the production process, or the production effect, to a large extent cannot meet the needs of the use, production quality is no guarantee at the same time, increase the demand for materials in the market now, the production enterprise also needs a stable production to meet the daily production, dry mortar production line can be very good to meet the requirements of production enterprises in production now.

The present dry powder and mortar production line is diversified and multi-functional, which greatly reduces the waste of manpower and improves the production capacity of the factory. The equipment of dry powder mortar production line is characterized by effective energy saving and environmental protection. While accelerating the development of dry powder mortar production, it also pays attention to environmental protection and responds to the call of environmental protection, which is not contrary to the environmental protection work.

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