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Fire powder packaging machine from M&J Machinery

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After a detailed study, comparison and analysis of the physical properties of ultrafine powder, such as fire powder, our company lasted for 8 months, the latest development of ultrafine powder packaging machine for fire powder, gypsum powder and so on (more than 1000 mesh). With the vacuum feeder, from the feeding, measurement to the packaging of the integrated production line. Applicable to packaging additives, toner, fire extinguisher dry powder, gypsum powder, nano-calcium carbonate, ultra-fine talcum powder and other ultra-fine powder packaging requirements of high precision powder. With the pulse dust collector, an effective solution to the problem of large dust packaging workshop. The ultrafine powder packaging machine for fire powder uses the standard PLC + touch screen + standard sensor electronic control system control, human-computer interaction interface in English annotation and perfect fault prompt function, operation teaching function, troubleshooting instructions; easy to use, easy maintenance.

ultrafine powder packaging machine for fire powder

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