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How many bags can a feed packaging machine to pack? And annual output of a feed packing machine?

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Generally, a set of feed packaging machine (no middle metering bucket) from M&J Machinery can generally reach 180 ~ 260 bags/ hour (25kg ~ 50kg specifications), a bucket of feed packaging function to 260 ~ 380 packets / hour, double bucket feed packaging machine It is faster, generally in the 500 ~ 700 package like this. Of course this is related to the physical state of the feed. Generally, feed with high moisture, large viscosity, the packing speed will be slow. Therefore, in accordance with the 8-hour work system, 300 days a year, the annual output of the largest 84,000 tons. For example, to achieve the annual output of 100,000 tons of packaging, each production line was equipped with a bucket of feed packaging machine, to meet the demand.

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