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Advantages of ultra-fine powder packaging machine from M&J Machinery Engineer CO.,Ltd.

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Since M&J Machinery Engineer CO.,LTD public the first set of Ultra-fine powder packaging machine after our engineers’ 3 years design and research, Ultra-fine powder packaging machine is well received by the ultra fine powder manufactures, then what is the real advantages of ultra-fine powder packaging machine from M&J Machinery?

1. All the super fine powder filling machine is made of stainless steel SUS304, in line with GMP requirements.

2. Equipped with safety protection, in line with enterprise safety management requirements. Enterprises can be assured that the use, will not cause casualties.

3. Set the output automatic alarm function, you can also set the automatic display of packaging speed function. Computer controller is the first domestic patented product, the choice of advanced CPU chip, import switching power supply. So the function is used button operation, digital display.

4. Can achieve the computer set bag length, remove the gear, adjust the bag long bitter. Touch screen can store a variety of different product packaging process parameters, when the product can be used at any time without the need to re-set.

5. super fine powder filling machine’s filling accuracy is high, in the 50-100 bags / h speed range, the error within ± 2 .

6. The use of intelligent temperature controller, accurate temperature control to ensure that the sealing beautiful, smooth.

7. Optional configuration wheel printer, 1-3 row batch number, shelf life. Ultra-fine powder packaging machine and its measurement configuration can be completed automatically. Feeding, filling bag, date printing, inflatable (exhaust), finished product delivery of all packaging process, and automatically complete the count.

8. According to customer needs made of pillow-shaped bags, such as hanging bags.

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