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How do we maintain the fertilizer packaging machine everyday?

Source : www.baggingmachines.net|Release Time : 2017-06-15| Hits : Loading ...

Fertilizer packaging machines are widely used, but many users have ignored the daily maintenance of fertilizer bagging machine, the general maintenance include:

1. lubricate the joint parts of fertilizer packaging machine before work;
2. clean the remaining fertilizer on the fertilizer bagging machine to avoid corrosive the machine's surface;
3. Check out and replace the wear parts timely;
4. Regularly to clean the fertilizer packaging machine's hopper;
5. Regularly check and adjust the pneumatic components;
6. the oil and water separator for drainage.

Read the above article, you should understand that how do we maintain the fertilizer packaging machine everyday, which help you to extend the service life of fertilizer packaging machine.

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