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New technology for mushroom compost baler

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Mushroom compost baler machine is a kind compression packing machine for three-times fermentation material (made of good bacteria) or secondary fermentation (not inoculated) mushroom culture material evenly into the bacteria, briquetting, and then covered with plastic film. The Mushroom compost packing machine consists of three components:

Part 1: Feeding chute of Mushroom compost baler machine: This part is 5.8m long, 3.85m high, 3.4m wide, and 9kw in power. After receiving the material from the trough, it is conveyed by the endless conveyor belt at the bottom of the receiving trough. Conveyor belt above the sprinkler mushroom species of the funnel, adjust the size of the funnel hole and conveyor belt rate control the amount of seed, the bacteria evenly spread in the movement of the culture material. 

Part 2: Package shaper:  This part 8.2m, 2.8m high, 1.9m wide, the power of 25kw. The culture material of the plant was loaded into a rectangular mold and extruded into a rectangular block by a hydraulic device. The specifications were as follows: length 0.6m × width 0.4m = 0.24㎡, thickness 0.2m = 0.048m3 (19 ~ 20kg ). The automatic hydraulics continuously push the blocks out of the mold (Figure 21). The rate of Mushroom compost packing machine varies depending on the size of the briquettes, typically 700 to 900 packs per hour (12 to 15 blocks per minute).

Part 3: Retractile Plastic-Sealing Oven: This part is 4.15m long, 1.75m high, 1.8m wide and 25kw power. The culture mass is transferred to the envelope machine. Envelope machine installed two rolls of 0.9m wide polyethylene plastic film, the upper and lower sides of the package wrapped around the block, the material on both sides of the breathable mouth, plastic film through the heater shrinkage and wrap the block, both water and easy to transport.

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