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Welcome Iranian clients to visit our factory for purchase our fishmeal weighing packing machines

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Today our Iranian clients visited our factory, they are going to purchase fishmeal weighing packing machine for their new projects. They were very satisfied with our fishmeal weighing packing machine's workmanship and design and discussed cooperation with our Export Manager Mr. Kingmoon. 

Our fishmeal weighing packing machine has the following features:

1. Affordable and reliable solution

2. Compact machine structure requires little floor space

3. Quick external adjustments for different bag widths and lengths

4. Clean bag filling due to well sealed filling spout and dust-collector access

5. High weight accuracy due to the use of the advanced weighing controller

6. Cost saving due to low operation and maintenance costs

7. Easy handling due to clear operator guidance, easy cleaning and maintenance

8. Combined with different bag sealing machines according to your bag sealing requirement, such as heat sealing machine, sewing machine,etc.

If you are interested in our fishmeal weighing packing machine, please contact us.

Email: info@go2mj.com


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