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PLC Control System of Fully A​utomatic Bag Packing Machine

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PLC Control System of Fully Automatic Bag Packing Machine

With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the qualified rate of quantitative commodities cannot meet the requirements of people's satisfaction. The main reason is the backwardness of measuring equipment. At present, the small-scale products are mostly used quantitative volumetric measurement, speed, but the accuracy is low; weighing equipment, high precision, mainly dependent on imports, expensive, general enterprises cannot afford. In view of this situation, combined with years of experience in the production of weighing, fully absorb foreign advanced technology, developed for our national conditions of the small multi-head fast automatic quantitative packaging machine.

It is based on pre-set procedures to automatically complete the supply of materials, metering, filling, packaging and product delivery and other functions. In the development, make full use of the characteristics of PLC, using modular design, according to the need to use double-headed, three-scale or four-scale combination of work at the same time, not only to overcome the volumetric accuracy of the shortcomings of low accuracy, The original single-head only rely on the shortcomings of the slow speed, reliability is better, can be promoted.

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