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Flexibility: another goal of our machine design for M&J Machinery Engineer Co.,Ltd.

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Flexibility: another goal of our machine design for M&J Machinery Engineer Co.,Ltd.

Nowadays, to meet with different consumers’ requirement especially in food, daily chemical industries, producers need to have different sizes of packages for their products. Then the main challenge is maintaining package integrity to get the absolute advantage in competition.

For us, as a professional packaging machinery manufacturer, the key point is the flexibility and automation in design. M&J Machinery Engineer Co.,Ltd. will care about the machine’s touchpoints, or where the machine will touch the package. They have to look at how the machine will handle the package, and understand how a material change or different packaging weights might impact that touchpoint. Will it require new tooling or changeparts?

One of the biggest touchpoints for a bag that adds flexibility is what we call bag hanging. That way you have that length flexibility to be able to change sizes. Another thing M&J Machinery Engineer Co.,Ltd. do to enhance flexibility is make the changeparts easily accessible and changeable. In other words, quick release, pull it off, pop the other one on. That’s the concept that we have to go for.


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