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Our suggestion for conveying fumed silica powder into your fumed silica powder packing machine or ta

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Our suggestion for conveying fumed silica powder into your fumed silica powder packing machine or tank


Have you ever tried conveying fumed silica into a tank with a bucket elevator., or any other conveyors? However, no luck coming out the other end.

Fumed silica is a very fine, and low bulk density material. We often see fumed silica with a bulk density of 2-3 lbs/cu ft (30 kg/ cu m), which makes this material highly prone to bridging in hoppers, as well as difficult to flow via gravity discharge from certain conveyors. It is always a big headache for manufacturers to conveying it.

This is not surprising given the materials low density and adhesive nature (propensity to stick to surfaces). You may want to consider a different conveyor, such as an aerated system (e.g., pneumatic conveying via vacuum loading the tank or an air slide). The fumed silica will move easily, like water, with an air based conveying technology, though, you will have to separate the air (or gas) at the tank. You may also consider an aero-mechanical conveyor, which uses a steel cable or chain connected to plastic puckscontained in a tube. The conveyor runs in a loop, can discharge the fumed silica in the tank, and does so without a lot of air flow, as with pneumatic conveyors or air slides.

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