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Should You Buy A Bagging Machine From China?

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Should You Buy A Bagging Machine From China?

Yes, sometimes you should.

The truth is, sometimes it makes sense for you to purchase a production line component or machine from overseas, for at least two huge reasons:

Reason 1: Affordability.

For over three decades, people just like you have paid us to design complete automation solutions for their food production lines. Everything from ingredient preparation, product in-line transportation, product alteration, and final bag packaging systems can be done for you right here in the heart of Mississauga, and it’ll be done right.

On the other hand, you can often obtain a beautiful-looking bagging machine that was developed and manufactured overseas  – in a place like China, for example – for just a fraction of the cost. Sometimes as low as 50% less. Or more!

Does the idea of saving tens of thousands of dollars sound good to you?

We thought so, which bring us to reason #2 why it sometimes makes sense to buy a bagging machine from China.

Reason 2: Modification.

Once you’ve taken delivery of your overseas machine, you’ll likely soon find out that it simply doesn’t work quite as well as you hoped, and that it’s not quite as well-built as you imagined.

And it’s not that the vendor was trying to rip you off, it’s just that their manufacturing facilities, quality control, and expertise are still a bit behind the rest of the world, so the kinks are still getting worked out, so to speak.

But don’t fret, you can often modify what you’ve bought.

So don’t listen to the nay-sayers.

Sometimes it does make sense to invest in a Chinese machine.

Would you like to talk more specifically about the bagging machine you have in mind, and obtain a quote to modify it so that it meets your needs? Great, we’d like to help.

Please call M&J Machinery at 0086-13914161862, or email info@go2mj.com and he’ll be happy to help you find an affordable, reliable solution for your automation needs.


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