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M&J Machinery Introduction and application

M&J Machinery Engineer Co., Ltd. is one of the leading packing solution suppliers in China and well-known in the packaging industries for its state-of-the-art packaging machines and its complete packaging lines for small- scale and large-scale production. Our product portfolio includes solutions such as bagging scales and feeders, bagging machines, valve bag fillers, jumbo bag filling machine, automatic packing palletizing plant, vacuum packaging equipment, robotic and conventional palletizers, stretch wrappers, conveyors, flow meters, etc. Moreover, M&J also offers bulk processing solutions as well as dry mortar plant and fish meal producing plant, including screening systems, batching system, mixing machine, dust collector, etc. M&J has authorized permit enterprise from the state and Jiangsu technical supervision department. And also the independent import/export license. M&J designs, produces and installs from single quantitative bagging machine to completed automatic bagging systems, and other large bagging projects. With our wide range of products and innovative solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs, M&J is now an international leader in the field of industrial packaging equipment. In 2006, M&J obtained ISO9001-2008 certification. In the same year, it was awarded with the title of Quality Confirmed Firm.


Innovation is also a major focus for the company. M&J Managers deeply understands that talents are the most precious resource in 21st century, and it is important for keeping development and competitive advantages. M&J always insists developing human closely together with products, aborting and respecting talents, setting up the unique talent strategy, and providing soil for excellent talents. Now our development team has more than 10 professional engineers, taking fine powder, chemical raw materials, naphthalene and other special materials as our key research and development direction, have developed and acquired several state-of-the art technologies that are still in the lead today. With many more to come, our prime objective is to continue to meet your needs in the most creative way.


M&J Machinery Service Principles:

Quality is our future. To meet customers’ different demands is our goal. We fully considered customers’ characteristics and diversification needs during our designing, manufacturing, installing and adjusting. In the past 20 years, we kept supplying good quality and service for big or small projects; insisted getting three-win among the user, suppliers and ourselves. We can provide reliable services by our professional installation team and quick-response after-sale service teams. At M&J, people are driven by customer satisfaction.





bagging machine, valve bag fillers, jumbo bag filling machine, automatic packing palletizing plant, vacuum packaging equipment, robotic palletizer, conventional palletizer,stretch wrapper, conveyor, flow meter, dry mortar plant,fish meal producing plant,screening system, batching system, mixing machine, dust collector. 



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    Palletizing machine adopts frequency conversion motor, frequency control, computer control, smooth delivery, smooth and reliable; international advanced automatic control technology, mechatronics technology, network technology, computer-controlled automatic cyclical automatic stacking operation reaches the set requirements. . Code boxes principle is in line with the workpiece pallet board required layer of the piece.
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