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Strong after-sales service

Strong after-sales service

We fully considered customers’ characteristics and diversification needs during our designing, manufacturing, installing and adjusting. In the past 20 years, We can provide reliable services by our professional installation team and quick-response after-sale service teams. At M&J, people are driven by customer satisfaction.

About us

M&J Machinery Engineer Co., Ltd. is one of the world's leading professional manufacturer of open port bag packing machine, valve bag filling machines, palletizing machine and jumbo filling machine.

Our main produsts which applicated in fertilizer,feed,starch,grain,food,medicine industry.

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Main products

bagging scales and feeders, bagging machines, valve bag fillers, jumbo bag filling machine, automatic packing palletizing plant, vacuum packaging equipment, robotic and conventional palletizers, stretch wrappers, conveyors, flow meters, etc. Moreover, M&J also offers bulk processing solutions as well as dry mortar plant and fish meal producing plant.

Professional solutions

Excellent performance "is our pursuit of quality.M&J Machinery with advanced technology, cost-effective products, the quality of service returns 1000

Professional solutions

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we have excellent solutions for various industries


Into M&J

Into M&J


As the most influential domestic machinery manufacturers, we have excellent solutions

  • 2018-08

    Plastic pellet packing machine is in great demand

    For consumers and enterprises to create a clean, safe, sanitary working environment, 25kg bag packing machine in the packaging process has played a very big protective effect, and plastic pellet filling machine can provide very good packaging solutions according to different needs of users.

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  • 2018-11

    Scope of use of sulphur

    Sulfur has a great role in daily life and industrial sulphur production

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